Personalized Spa Facial

Perfect for your first facial and for any skin type! Tailored to meet your skin's needs. Includes thorough extractions, serums and a specialized mask. Includes decollate and scalp massage.

$125 | 60 Minutes
*$115 associate rate


Medicated Clearing Treatment

Perfect for skin that is currently on prescription skin care from a Dermatologist, acne prone and/or has breakouts. This powerful treatment is designed to balance hypersensitive skin with stubborn oiliness needing TLC!  Specialized anti-inflammatory serums are used in conjunction with high frequency/LED to kill any existing breakouts. It’s the end of the line for acne!

$160 | 60 Minutes


Dermaplaning Facial

An intensive exfoliation to remove several layers of dead skin and facial hair leaving the skin with a gorgeous glow!   Includes minor extractions, specialty mask, and massage post treatment to calm and hydrate skin. This is a deeper exfoliation and may result in light peeling for 1-3 days post treatment.

$185 | 60 Minutes

Men’s Tailored Facial

Men's skin can be quite sensitive, requiring a little extra care! Products designed for a man's skin type are used to address such sensitivities as blemishes and ingrown hairs.  Treatment includes a mask and shoulder massage.

$110 | 45 Minutes



Soften fine lines, wrinkles, lighten hyper-pigmentation, close enlarged pores and helps to clear up acne. Re-balancing serums are using to brighten and plump the skin to leave you with an amazing glow!

$175 | 60 Minutes
* $165 associate rate



Great for deeper, more stubborn scars and wrinkle reduction with minimal downtime!  Best results when done in a series of 4. LED and soothing mask are included to promote quick healing. We require a consultation and prep period with recommended products for this clinical procedure if you are new to microneedling.  No sun exposure for 4 days post treatment.

$250 | 60 minutes




We offer several low to medium depth peels by SkinCeuticals and Dermalogica that are ideal for oily/acneic and/or mature skin types.   We require a consultation and prep period with recommended products for this clinical procedure if you are new to peels.

$125 + | 45 minutes

*Associate rate indicates that an Associate Aesthetician will be your service provider. Associates have been thoroughly trained and must maintain current educational training/licensing throughout the year.

* 30 Minute Mini-Sessions of all services are available as an option if you are in a pinch for time.  Mini’s do not include extensive extractions, mask or shoulder massage.

* Series packages are available for all services.  A series package is paid for upfront and you recieve 6, and get one for free!  There is no expiration date for a package. Perfect if you are looking to keep up your skin’s health on a regular basis.