What should you expect for your first facial and what are the benefits?

A personalized Spa Facial is a thorough cleansing of your skin/pores, it’s like hitting the reset button!  This is perfect if you are new to facials, as we customize the service specifically to what your skin needs at that time.  We will steam and exfoliate, extract blackheads, nourish with a serum and perform a relaxing shoulder massage. During this time we ‘test’ your skin’s health with various products and can then assess the best home care to achieve your goals.   A mask and moisturizer will be the finishing touches, and will review your recommendations for home care are treatment protocols.


How do I know what service that would be best for me?

All of our services are 60 minutes except the ‘Mini’s’, so for example, if you booked a Microderm with a facial and we assess that you’d be a better fit for another service, rest assured there is time for a quick switch!  It’s always a safe bet to book the Personalized Spa Facial when in doubt. 


How often should I get a facial?

Ideally every 4-6 weeks to maintain your skin’s best health! If you have a specific goal in mind, such as decreasing acne scarring, you’d want to space those more frequently. 


When should I stop using retin-A or any other topicals before waxing eyebrow/lip?

5-7 days is ideal


If I am using any prescriptions from my dermatologist, can I still get a facial?

Absolutely!  The service will be customized based on your prescriptions...and please let us know prior to your appointment exactly what you are taking.   We are well versed in how to boost your results, even if you are feeling dry, flakey and overly sensitive. A Medicated Clearing Treatment is the best option for this skin type.